Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spend Spend Spend

In my opinion, spending ridiculous amounts of money is perfectly fine if you can justify the reason. The fact that 95% of the time I actually can't provide substantial justification is besides the point. My mom thinks that I have a spending obsession, but I like to think otherwise.

On a lighter note - I have a few little pieces that have recently joined the party that happens to be my room! [I do apologize for the terrible photo quality]

[Forever New Lace Heels - $80]

[B&W Pascal Flats (Freelance Shoes) - $20 on sale]

[Topshop Lace shoes - $50 or so, not including shipping]

[Brown Pascal Flats (Freelance Shoes) - $20 on sale]

[THIS is my current collection of heels and pretty shoes.
Don't fear though... I have a whole cupboard full of shoes in addition to these babies]
(I do understand that the photo makes them look terrible)

[Left: Forever New Dress - $130 or so.
Right: Dress from Kaliyah One at Cronulla - $70]

[My Favourite Corner]

Money makes me feel good.


Ps. I'm not completely selfish and materialistic... I have a sponsor child ♥

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