Thursday, December 16, 2010

Un, Deux, Trois.

I just put fairy lights up in my room - I FEEL SO HAPPY!

Let us rejoice!

I also have issues when it comes to presents right, as I like to give them to people before christmas. Eg. I bought an uber cute notebook from Berkelouw for Hannah as an End of HSC/Christmas Present and was going to wait until Christmas to give it to her and all. So I wrapped it up all cute and pretty today and was keen on life, but then decided that I couldn't help myself and walked right into her room and gave it to her.

Also considering giving people Compassion Gifts for Christmas! It kind of enchants me when I think about how buying a family a Chicken or Mosquito Nets or Vaccinations for the price of my Lunch can help save someone's life!

Link it up if you're keen to do the same ♥

What do you know, I found my heart after all this Christmas! Hurrah!


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