Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love affairs

I currently have a few love affairs that i thought i might share with you.

- Cronulla Library, followed by Grind Coffee - my idea of a perfect afternoon.
- Gossip Girl, though i'm sure you knew that.
- Taupe Nail polish - Must buy me some of that.
- Being in year 10. It's so easy and Hannah being in year 12 has made me realize how great it is!
- Lauren Brain's new house. Lovely views, good times.
- Board Games - eg. Scrabble.
- Doug's old Cannon. I like photography, it's pretty. Doug gave us his old SLR.
- Walks to the Wharf - Pretty.
- Bike Riding - kind of an old love that has been rediscovered.
- Blogging, evidently.


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