Sunday, July 11, 2010

Or lack thereof..

My blogging has been less than average.
To be fair though, I was at Hillsong Conference all week - (MOST AMAZING WEEK EVER)

I have decided that I need to buy a pair of manolo blahnik shoes, a new bag and a YSL wallet...

- I work at Maccas = terrible pay (note to self: get new job).
- I spent all of my money (or lack there of) on Paramore
& You Me At Six tickets.
- I drink too much coffee, resulting in me spending my
last 3.50 on many occasions.
- I have a new child to sponsor - Samuel Bagh...

- Maccas is still the worst.
- Those tickets will be worth it.
- I wouldn't give up coffee.
- If my lack of Manolo Blahnik shoes, handbag and YSL wallet means
Samuel can merely have a life, then I can most definitely go without!

On that note, it is 1.10am and I have church in the morning!

Time for those Z's!

- K.

[conference classics]
(Excuse the terrible photo quality)

Oh look - It's Jess Vella...

Just this guy I like to call JUDAH SMITH!

Oh for the Love of Lauren!


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