Sunday, November 21, 2010

Post Party Skin

[kara and laura, pretty bitches ♥]

[i'm thinking we could pass as brother and sister ♥]

[formal date. corsage included ♥]

[just for kicks and junk like that ♥]

[ghetto booty shot ♥]

[because thomas is cool ♥]

[jfish = the best ♥]

Formal was an absolute BEAST. Seriously the best fun... and after party was prime also. As you can see, my $500 dress went down fair nicely. Some may say that it wasn't worth the 500, but I do believe that it assisted in the best night ever.

Mmm, Good fun!

Shouting out also to David Kennedy and the partay he threw last night. Quite the night! Such fun.

I'm seriously all partied out. And Tired.


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