Monday, November 15, 2010

Two for the price of one.

Okay folks, on wednesday comes formal time! To say that I am excited is a little bit of an understatement, yet a kind of lie. Make sense? Didn't think so.

I'm keen to dress up, to take photos, to feel pretty, have fun with friends and eat some food, don't get me wrong... but I think that everyone has worked it up too much to be the best night of their lives, when in fact, it will be fairly coolio, yet nothing to write home about.

Then again, I might just be a bit too skep-tik-al about it all. [I can't believe i just used a School Certificate joke in my blog. What has the world come to? FML!!!]

Well well well, believe it or not, I have been in Gossip Girl rehab for about 2 weeks and have resorted to watching the OC instead. For now though, I need to break the rehabilitation and watch a few good episodes of GG. Keen and Very Eager my loves.

Love Love,


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